That Mom With The Camera

Frequently Asked Questions

Contract, Invoice & General 

Should the wedding be postponed for any reason, we will ask in the search for a new date to be notified so we can be available for the new date, for no extra charges other than expenses already occurred before postponement. Should the wedding be postponed to a date for which we are not not available, the contract shall be considered cancelled, and the cancellation policy below shall apply.

The deposit fee is nonĀ­-refundable, regardless of circumstance. In the event that the wedding is cancelled, the following policy shall apply regarding payments:

Do you offer payment plans? When is the final payment due? 

Do you TRAVEL AND DO YOU charge a travel fee?

What is your Postponement & Cancellation policy? 

We absolutely do! We automatically set you up on a payment plan to allow you to pay gradually towards your total services. You can pay as often as you would like, and as much as you would like. The final payment must be made one month before the wedding date. 

If the wedding venue is:

...within 50 miles from TMWTC, travel expenses are included in the package purchased.

...51-75 miles from TMWTC, a gas fee of $45 will be applied to invoice prior to the wedding day.

...outside of 75 miles from TMWTC, a travel fee will be charged at $0.50 per mile round trip. For example, if your wedding venue location is 100 miles away from That Mom With The Camera, That Mom With The Camera will make a round trip of 200 miles at $0.50 a mile, totaling the travel fee to $100.


For weddings requiring air travel, Clients are required to cover all travel fees including air travel, hotel(2 nights), and car rental fare. Travel Fees must be paid before any images are released. These expenses may be invoiced separately if unable to be invoiced at time of booking

Yes, I love to travel, and if I have a client who needs me to travel, I'm on it! I do charge a travel fee, but I make sure to charge enough just to cover the traveling expenses! Travel fee is calculated by miles from TX zip code 76051.

Cancelled MORE than 90 days in advance of the wedding date: The deposit is non-refundable, but any additional amounts paid will be refunded.

Cancelled LESS than 90 days in advance of the wedding date: The deposit and 50% of the remaining balance are non-refundable, but any additional amounts paid will be refunded.

Cancelled LESS than 30 days in advance of the wedding date: The entire balance paid for wedding photography and/or video services and any expenses incurred is non-refundable.


I will always say if you can afford a second photographer for you wedding day, absolutely do it. You will receive twice as many images and angles for a quarter of the price. In cases of a tight timeline, multiple locations, or a catholic wedding ceremony, I would strongly suggest a second photographer. In other cases, I would at least suggest a second photographer from the time of my arrival to the time of the Reception Entrance.

Do any packages include an Engagement session? 

Is a second Photographer Necessary?

What is a Bridal Session? 

Are we locked into our packages or are we allowed to change them later? 

 The Engagement Session is such an exciting part of your experience with me, that I decided to gift this session to ALL of my clients who book me to photograph their wedding. Since this session is a complimentary gift to you, it cannot be traded and will not affect the price of the packages if not used.

A bridal session is photoshoot that only involves the Bride in her wedding dress. This session commonly occurs a few weeks before the wedding day, when the hair and make up artists do their test run. This session may also occur before the wedding ceremony, though a time frame will not be promised for a day of bridal session. 

You can absolutely change your packages later on! If you'd like to replace your packages for a lower or higher one, just let me know, and I can send over a new contract with the new package selection!


A documentary film is a film of the entire wedding day, not just highlights! We film the entire day in a documentary style, where most everything we capture is in your documentary. From the moment we get there, filming getting ready shinanigans, to first looks, to the entire ceremony, to the all of the events on the dance floor during the reception. 

Is audio included in all video packages? 

What is a documentary film?

Do you record the entire ceremony? Am I able to have this footage?

Yes we can include audio in the videos!! During our consultation, we will be asking if you will be saying vows, and if you'd like to have the vows captured on audio. We also ask if there will be any speeches you would like us to record.

We do capture the entire ceremony from start to finish, and we include this footage in your wedding package. This will be a separate video from your highlights film.